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It’s been a while since you’ve seen a post loaded with pictures of anything other than my face, but today I thought I’d give you a break and post some pictures of Revlon’s Parfumerie range! 

The idea is simple, cute little perfume shaped bottles, with fancy labels, that are  perfect to adorn any dressing table, these are nail polishes not to be hidden in the back of a drawer, these are polishes to be adored, displayed & admired. 
Would you just look how pretty they are? 
The difference in these nail polishes not only lies within their luxurious looking packaging, but in their scent. Wait for these polishes to dry and you’ll be treated to a scent sensation. (Sorry I couldn’t waste that cheesey alliteration opportunity.) 
Available in 20 scents and shades there is something for everyone! 
I personally went for a bit of a mixed bag. I opted for Beach, a beautiful golden colour with a scent that sends you to sandier shores, Surf Spray, a gorgeous sea blue that will have you yearning for summer and my final choice China Flower because I just really loved the colour. 
My verdict on Revlon’s parfumerie nail enamel: 
The look – Whilst most of the colours only require one coat to give full coverage, surf spray will take a few coats to give you the full look, but with it being such a pretty colour after just one, I’m not even sure it’s required. 
The scents – The scents claim to last all day and I can confirm this to be true. They are an exciting idea that takes me back to being 10 years old with the latest scented gel pens. For this alone I love them. The only downside is, unless you are a super duper scentologist (is that even a word?!) I probably wouldn’t mix and match the colours & Perfumes, I tried last night and it left me with a scent induced migraine. 
Where can you get them?! From boots of course! They also have 3 for 2 on right now so snap up a few colours quick, I can see these being a real hit. Even if they’re not for you, I still think they’re a rather adorable to adorn any dressing table. You can get them for £6.49 which I think is rather good, don’t you? 
Until Next Time 
B x 

Revlon Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamel

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