#Vloggerschat 1/5

Hello! It’s almost that time of the week again, where we all settle down to a lovely old chinwag about all things YouTube and vlogging
This weeks chat is being hosted by the fantastic Alessia from the YouTube channel bellessiaangels! If the cute name alone hasn’t got you hooked, then please join us for a chat on the topic of “Video Content” 
This weeks Qs are: 
1. How do you get inspiration for videos?
2. What are your favourite videos to film? 
3. What are your favourite videos to watch? 
4. Name your fave youtubers & why you enjoy watching them? 
5. Why did you pick your YouTube name?
6. Shall we all do a big YouTube meet? 
If you want to join in, you can follow the whole thing over on Alessia’s twitter @lil_alessia and under the hashtag #vloggerschat from 8-9pm this Thursday! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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