Hello everyone!!

It’s that time of week again when all us fellow vloggers can get together and have a little chat about all things vlogging! 

This week I’m a little late on topic and questions so please forgive me! The chat is still here and it is still on 🙂 
Tonight’s topic is going to be all about managing your time effectively!
Q1: How do you find the time to vlog inbetween work/uni/being a mum? 
Q2: Do you have any tips for anyone struggling to find the time to vlog
Q3: Do you stick to a specific posting day/Schedule? 
Q4: Have you ever hit technical troubles and how did you overcome this? 
Q5: How long does editing usually take you? 
Can’t wait to all see you there over at @whatshedidx from 8-9pm. You can follow the chat by using #vloggerschat 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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