So in this post we draw to a close, another segment of my 100 looks in 100 days posts with the Elf cosmetics 100pc Marble Eyeshadow palette. Today we are rocking the 80s, remembering the 90s and looking from 2000 to the future. So I hope you are ready to buckle up and hop on with me through a picture heavy time machine of makeup through the ages.

Day 30 – The 80’s

I decided to go down the 80s brights route for this look, rather than the vogue 80s look of natural looking pinks and pastels, I used colours D6, J8, G8 & J9 for this look. These are some of the higher pigmented colours from the palette. 

Day 31 – The 90s 

The 90s was all about the ‘no makeup, makeup’ trend. Beauties such as Kate moss were springing into magazines and taking the world by storm and their youthful, natural look was lusted after. For this look I kept things simple and natural using colours: B2, B3 and C1. 
Day 32 – 2000 to present day 
With the 1900s drawing to a close the advancement of makeup was coming on leaps and bounds. Today we take for granted eyeliner, the smokey eye and lashings of fake eyelashes. For this look I created a halo eye using colours: B10, E10, J10

I hope you’ve enjoying having a little walk down memory lane to where makeup all began with me and that you are looking forward to my next segment in my 100 looks in 100 days feature: ‘All about Eyes’ 
Until next time
B x

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