DIY Pastel Hair

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I love pastel coloured hair, but I cant stand the commitment of a permanent pastel colour and I also can’t have it for work as my look has to remain professional. Occasionally I like to do something a bit different with my hair and so I came up with a super duper easy way to create your own pastel hair colour that washes straight out and looks awesome to boot! 

To create this look you will need Rimmel Stay blushed liquid cheek tint, or an eyeshadow colour of your choice. You will need either a hair soufflé or low hold gel & either a hair dye brush or a cheap foundation brush like this Primark one I’m using here.
Take a bowl and mix a solution from the blusher and hair soufflé and simply brush it over either your whole head or the ends of your hair. It will be quite thick and gloopy, so use it sparingly, but don’t worry too much as we will be brushing it out slightly later. 
Next take a hair dryer and dry all over until the hair “sets,” now take a brush, I prefer to use a round bristle brush and brush you hair all over. Once the hair is dry you can style it as normal.
The results

A really pretty, funky change to your hair and you don’t even have to leave the house to go to the shop to fetch supplies! You can use pretty much anything you might already have at home. Anything with Colours of a high pigment are best.

Think you’d be willing to give this pastel coloured hair look a whirl? 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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