100 Looks – Days 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted some looks for my series of 100 looks in 100 days with the Elf cosmetics 100pc Marble Eyeshadow palette and I’ve been rather busy creating some looks I’m super duper proud of whilst I’ve been away.


For one reason or another I decided to take a short blog hiatus, but I’m back again with some new looks which I hope you are going to love! 
Day 59 – Pink Panther 

I wanted to create a really dramatic double flick and so I doubled up colour G8 with a super strong and long black eyeliner wing. To make this look more wearable, par back the flick to the edge of your eye and you’re hot to trot! 
Day 60 – The Big Smoke 

For this look I created a soft, muted smokey eye, using colours B3, J2 & G3. I think this is actually my favourite look so far, it’s so wearable and versatile but it just has an edge over a standard smokey eye. 
Day 61 – Colour Clash 

I absolutely love the way this purple clashes against the gold and red in this look. Again a bold look, yet still so wearable. It may be for the most daring amongst you but once again it just goes to show how versatile and fun this palette really is. For this look I used colours C5 and J8. 
Day 62 – Coral Dream 

I love how subtle and girly these colours are and I actually can’t wait to use this out and about. I used the colour G7 with I7 blended on the crease and then applied G7 to my cheeks and lips.
Day 63 – The New Nude 
Barely there, but there for the girls who can’t bare to bare it all. The neutral colours in this palette are also something to be cooed over. So pretty and wearable I used shades A1, B1 and C1 on this look and also added C1 over a nude lip for a light sheer glow. 
Day 64 – Sheer glow 

For this look I blended G2 with an Elf lipgloss and applied it to the eye for an oil slick look.

The Elf 100 pc Marble Eyeshadow Palette is available on the Elf website right now for a bargain £5, snap it up now before it goes back to £15. 
Which one is your fave? I’d love to know what you’re making of all my looks so far. 
Until Next Time
B x 

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