100 looks in 100 days – Day 52

Were over half way there and the looks are still coming! I’m a little behind on posts so this week and next we’ll have to play catch up! 
Works been really busy and I have an assignment due so for the last week or so my attention has been elsewhere and so I apologise for that! 
Today I’m bringing you one look in a mix of golds and blacks, probably one of my favourite colour combos. 
My 100pc marble eyeshadow palette is looking a bit sorry for itself having hit over half way, so I may have to invest in a new one quite soon. 
My number one tip for using the palette is just to experiment whenever you can, mix the colours with water, blend them dry, go crazy for all the bright colours and let your imagination run wild. 
Day 52 – Feathers 

I’m still loving mask makeup and so I couldn’t resist trying out just a few more! 
Keep your eyes peeled on Thursday for a bumper post of about 6 looks to keep you going! (I know I’m really spoiling you.) 
If anyone has any looks they’d like me to try with the palette please let me know and I’ll even include a little tutorial. 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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