Madame Lala Tan review – The DD tan

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There is no getting away from it, I am pale, pure English rose skin pale, so when the founder of Madame La La tan* contacted me to ask me if I wanted to try a new fake tan on the market, I couldn’t resist at least giving it a whirl.

Like any other girl, I’ve had my fair share of tan disasters (that time I borrowed my sisters spray on tan, then went in the swimming pool and tried to hide my wotsit patchy legs being a personal favourite, all the while pretending I hadn’t touched it to my sister, at all.) So when I was approached with the idea of a DD tan I knew I had to try it! 
With the market full of BB & CC products, it’s time to meet the DD, the dynamic do all tan perfector. What is the DD? It’s the latest in tan formulas that literally does it all. The tan is infused with skincare benefits such as Coco water, Green tea and Aloe; with built in skin perfectors and a customised Los Angeles glow which ensures the tan still looks natural as it adapts to your natural skin tone. 
What’s in the bottle? 

Coco water – sourced from Mexico hydrates the skin and helps to firm, tone and tighten the skin. 
Vitamin E & A – blur the appearance of find lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A helps to plump up collagen and elastin whilst Vitamin E is an antioxidant which perfects the skin. 
Aloe Vera plant extract & Green tea leaf extract – Sourced from Mexico work as one to hydrate, reduce irritation and delay skin ageing repairing sun damage. 
Sounds too good to be true? I dared to bare and tried both shades to give you guys a full verdict below!! 

My thoughts

It’s always hard when a product like Madame La La claims to do so many amazing things. I often find myself being really cynical and wanting it to fail at the first hurdle. I tried both the light and standard tan in the range, as I wanted to give a full and honest review. 

(I love the tan so much, that I’m even looking forward to braving my bikini on holiday) 
Good points 

The smell – remember those horrible biscuity tans that lingered for days? It’s time to forget it, as the smell of this tan is a beautiful coconut smell that will have you dreaming of a beach far away. 
– After just one application my skin feels smoother and lovely and soft. 
– The colour of the light tan is perfect for my fellow pale girls out there. It gives a beautiful barely there tan, that could be built up gradually or used to give you a healthy glow. 
– The standard coloured tan left my skin with a lovely deep tan that has even had people asking me where I’d been on holiday. You can’t say fairer than that! 
– The tinted formula makes it easy to use and avoid those horrible patchy mistakes! 
– the “skin perfector” really works. Cellulite on my legs is barely visible anymore! 
– the developing time is just 3 hours! That means you can fit it into your busy schedule and because there’s no smell, there’s no reason you can’t go about your normal day! 
The downsides 

– If you are looking for a super duper deep dark tan, this probably isn’t the one for you. Maybe with a few darker layers and applied to darker skin, it might have a different effect, but I couldn’t see myself achieving a deep tan without about another 4 layers (and ain’t nobody got time for that!) On the same vain, if you’re really pale and want a super deep glow, I’d opt for the standard tan rather than the light one, as it really only gives a subtle glow. 
Verdict: I’d give this product an 8/10 and I think I’ve finally found a competitor to rival my beloved St Tropez. 
Madame La La tan is available to buy from Fenwick Bond street and online at for £36.00 for 200ml. Not bad for a tan that can literally “do it all” 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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