It’s taken me a long time to embrace my pale skin. Often feeling white as a sheet, I feel self conscious if I have to reveal my legs in public untanned and “pasty,” but the older I am getting the more I am starting to embrace my pale skin.

Today I wanted to show you a look I often wear inspired by etheral brides, the kind you see in wedding magazines. This look is perfect for us pale girls as it makes the best of our features and shows off our soft English rose skin! 
Product list: 

– Nars Sheer Glow, Mont Blanc
– Nars Sheer Powder, Snow 
– Laura Mercier Full coverage concealer, 0.5
Elf mineral eyeshadow, sweet
– Clarins wonder perfect mascara, black
– Rimmel white eyeliner 
Cheeks, Lips & Brows
– Hourglass Ambient lighting blush, diffused heat
– Elf Supershine lipgloss, godess
– Elf eyebrow kit, Light 
– Apply a small dot of nars sheer glow onto your chin, cheeks and forehead. 
– Buff into skin with the elf professional Complexion brush until blended. 
– Apply three small dots of Laura Mercier concealer on to dark circles around the eye with your index finger. 
– Dust your face with Nars sheer powder in snow with the elf professional powder brush. Buff gently. 
– Take the elf professional blusher brush and apply Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in a circular motion on your cheek bones, apply two layers and buff out gently with the elf professional powder blush. 
– Line your eyes with the rimmel white eyeliner and apply the Elf mineral eyeshadow using your index finger. 
– Brush your brows with an Elf spoolie and apply the darkest colour from the elf eyebrow palette to line around your brows using a sharp angled eyeliner brush, fill them in using the darkest colour at the end and graduating to the paler powder. 
– Apply Clarins Wonderperfect mascara to your lashes. 
– And finally finish of your look with the perfect pout by applying the Elf Supershine Lipgloss in goddess. 
I absolutely love this look as it’s something you can wear everyday or vamp up slightly with a red lip for an evening. 
What’s your go to makeup look? 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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