My Fantasy Wardrobe Tag.

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Imagine, money is no object, the world is your oyster, with brands and designers falling at your feet to wear your clothes. What would you wear, who would you pick?

I was sat daydreaming away today and I decided that this scenario would make a great tag, after all us beauty and fashion bloggers love a good wishlist and it’s always fun to dream big. 
So I present to you, the My Fantasy Wardrobe tag. Go on treat yourself, even if it’s only in your mind! 
1. You need a new pair of heels for an event, what do you go for? I still haven’t got over those Giuseppe Zanotti angel wing heels. Everytime I see them I get excited about how beautiful they are. They’d be super versatile for future events as well. I know they’re old news, but I just can’t let them go! 
2. Your work wardrobe needs updating, pick 5 key pieces for autumn
Zara always has the best autumn workwear picks, here’s my top five, online now: 
Flat elastic chelsea boot: 49.99 GBP, 
Two-tone square cut jumper: 25.99 GBP, Pencil skirt with side zips: 29.99 GBP, Checked skinny trousers: 35.99 GBP, Structured coat with pockets: 79.99 GBP

3. You’ve been invited to a ball in paris, you’ll obviously need a dress and have a designer on speed dial, who is it? Without a doubt, it would be Elie Saab. His designs are the most beautiful creations! 
4. Which dress do you pick? 
I’d find it really hard to pick from his designs, but I love his Lacey and glitter designs. Something that would fit to my figure, hell, if money is no object I’d go couture “daaaahhhling.” 
5. A designer says you’re their new muse for their latest handbag, who is it and what does the bag look like? 
I’d have to go for a Mulberry, I’ve always wanted to own one of their handbags and to have one made and named after you would be an absolute dream! 
It would be a satchel, with a shoulder strap, classic in style with tassels in a deep red cranberry colour. Perfect for autumn/winter and I definitely don’t do black handbags! 
I hope you enjoyed my answers and are now dreaming of your fantasy wardrobe!! 
I tag Gabriella from loveablevogue, Megan from Thumbelina Lillie, Natasha from A Design Rookie & Liza Prideux from Glam Beautys. 
Can’t wait to see what you come up with guys! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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