The Perfect 48hrs in Ibiza

Swimwear365 have set me the challenge of creating my perfect 48hrs in Ibiza.

Day 1. 
Having never been to Ibiza, I’d want to soak up all the fun, sun & adventures that it has to offer, but I’d ease myself in gently by first checking in at the Aquas De Ibiza, a luxury boutique spa hotel. I’d head with my bestie to the spa to be truly pampered from top to toe! 
Once our transformation was finished I’d throw on my favourite swimwear365 bikini and drag my friend to the beach for an afternoon of sun, frolics and amazing cocktails at the Bora Bora beach club. Whilst we chatted and relaxed we’d take a break for some delicious food and then head back to the hotel! 
We’d get all dressed up in Ibiza designer KurruKurru. Their latest hippy designs make for the perfect boho party wear. Once we were ready we’d party on down at some of the best party spots Ibiza has to offer until the early hours. 
Day 2. 
After a soothing morning in the spa, I’d head off to see what sights ibiza has to offer. Known for its none stop partying, it’s all too easy to forget that Ibiza is beautiful too. 
I love to shop and so I’d head to the must see Hippy Markets which shows a variety of batik wraps, trinkets and East Asian jewellery. 
After a spot of shopping, we’d head to the Can Marca caves which offers breathtaking views as you enter a multi level ancient route. At the heart you are treated to a spectacular music and light show which sounds truly captivating! 
After this we’d return to ibizas buzzing port area for more cocktails and take in the sights before bidding a begrudging farewell and heading home. 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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