Back when I used to start blogging, wish lists were a saviour. For some reason when the ideas started flowing I forgot all about them, maybe due to being sent items and maybe due to just going out and buying things when I wanted them.

Since I’ve moved house, I’ve had more financial responsibilities and so the willy nilly spending has had to cut back a little and since if I did a what she wears Wednesday every week, you’d see me in the same outfit countless times, I decided it was time to shake it up. 
I’m going to do a high street store spotlight feature one Wednesday month which will show you all my wishes and top picks from one of my high street shops.
First up is Zara! I love zara, it just exudes endless cool and so here is my first spotlight feature, with holiday fashion in mind: 
Sight seeing – when you’re sight seeing it’s essential to wear comfortable items that will keep you cool. It’s also great to have a reasonably sized bag to keep all of your accessories like you camera and guidebook to hand! Pop on some comfy loafers and some sunnies, combined with this gorgeous printed floaty playsuit and you’re ready to see some sights! 

Markets – Lots of places when you’re travelling have exciting local markets with local delicacies, independently made items and clothes you won’t find at home. Something like this outfit is perfect because it keeps you covered up and cool, the huge shopper is perfect for carrying all of your new purchases and the mermaid silver skirt is just Devine! 
zara fashion

Evening – keep it cool and classy with this combination of pastels and brights. The necklace adds some gorgeous sparkle and makes this evening look into a winner! 
My favourite outfit if the lot is the evening look and is right at the top of my list for my girls holiday! 
All of the items featured are available from
Which is your favourite? 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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