Getting Organised – The Bloggers Kit

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If you follow my blog, you’ll know that when it comes to a posting schedule and keeping on track, I’m not the best at keeping organised. Between working full time, coming to the end of my work based learning (with a huge 10,000 word assignment I might add) and trying to fit in socialising, sometimes blogging can feel like a second full time job. Thats why when the kind people at Viking Direct offered to send me some fashion stationary to build the essential bloggers kit, I decided it was time to get myself into gear. 

This beautiful range of Sweet Rose fashion stationary is the perfect kitsch addition to any girly girls desk and is perfect for everything you need. 

I selected the following items:

  • A Notebook – A novel alternative to a diary, the Sweet rose A5 notebook *can be carried with you on blogger assignments, press days and keep all those important thoughts on posts safe and sound. With blogging you never know when you’re going to have that Eureka moment for a post. If i’d not written down my ideas for my 100 looks in 100 days posts, there’s no way I would have remembered or that my blog would have been anywhere close to where it is now. (Available for £4.99 ex Vat – 1 Notepad supplied) 
  • A Pen – Or in my case eight, in the form of the Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick Rollerball Pens Assorted Pack*, because which stationary addict doesn’t love a set of multi coloured gel pens so they can colour code to their hearts content. I like to use a different colour for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle posts so I know where the post ideas will fit in with my week and I also like to colour code any urgent collaborations or time sensitive ideas with a red pen. That way they stand out and in my busy schedule I know I won’t forget.  (Available for £10.99 ex Vat – Pack of 8)
  • Wallets – Sometimes if you have a lot of collaborations coming up at once, its easy to misplace press releases and information thats important for your posts. Before I started getting organised I used to find press released all over the place (much to the annoyance of my disgruntled boyfriend, oops!) the gorgeous Sweet Rose A4 popper wallets* in a pack of three are the perfect solution to your filing needs. Now when anything lands on my doorstep in the post, I file small items away in one wallet and the press releases in another. Its super easy and it keeps you super efficient! (Available for £4.99 ex Vat – Pack of 3)
  • Pen pot- Whether you’re a beauty blogger, a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger, you’ll all know that pen pots always do more than they say on the tin! Whether you use it to brighten up your desk to hold all those super exciting gel pens you’ve just ordered or you keep your makeup brushes in them during your latest youtube tutorial, the possibilities for the Pro Happy Pencil Cup* in pink are endless! (Available for £4.29 ex Vat – 1 Supplied) 

If you’d like to get your hands on any of the beautiful stationary shown, head to Viking Direct by clicking on any of the items above, alternatively they have a HUGE selection of stationary, just waiting for you which you can find here!
Now that I’ve got all the tools I’m feeling more organised than ever. Whats the one thing in your bloggers essentials kit that you can’t live without?
Until Next Time 
B x 
(Disclaimer: All of the items featured were kindly sent to me by Viking Direct, however all views stated are my own and will not be swayed by outside influences.)

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