My Holiday Makeup – Guest Post

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The type of makeup up that I take with my on holiday is hugely dependant on where I’m going. A hot climate demands the best primer, foundation and setting powder on the planet! Whereas if I am just going across the water to London for the weekend, my makeup regime hardly changes. When I go on holiday, I tend to use a lot less makeup as I don’t like my skin feeling heavy and greasy. Not only that, how am I supposed to get any sort of tan if my face is caked? Holiday time is the best time to let your skin breathe!
Now I’m no expert but I’m guessing the wax dummy look is kind of not in fashion. No one wants to look like they have escaped from Madame Tussauds! This is where the bareMinerals Prime Time primercomes in. If I am being totally honest I don’t wear primer everyday simply because I don’t feel like I need it. At the moment I only work part time so I have makeup on for about 5 hours each day, that isn’t enough time for my skin to get mega oily! It’s a different story on holidays though, the humidity literally makes makeup melt off my face! Primers create a barrier between the makeup and skin so it also help prevent clogged pores. The less chance of breakouts on holidays the better! I have only ever tried two primers in my life, this one and a Boots No7 one (which I didn’t like) I love it when you find a product that you are 100% happy with and I will re-purchase this one over and over again. Whatever primer you use just make sure you take it with you on holidays, you’ll need it! 


Although difficult and time consuming to achieve, I am a fan of the ‘flawless and airbrushed’ look. The only way I can achieve this is by using a liquid foundation like Revlon Colorstay that completely smoothes out my skin and imperfections. I must admit, when I was younger this was a confidence thing for me. The older I get, the less I care what people think and my makeup regime has almost changed completely. Instead of wearing heavy liquid makeup all day everyday, I now just wear it on special occasions or on night’s out! My new found love is the bareMinerals READY foundation. I especially love a foundation like for holidays as the powder prevents your skin from getting too oily and it lasts longer than liquid. Especially when it’s teamed with a quality primer and matt powder. Not only that, when i am on holiday I have better and more important things to be doing other than applying my makeup! it takes minutes to apply this and I love the ‘natural’ look of it on my face.


It is without a doubt that I resemble a milk bottle and I just stand out like a big British sore thumb on holiday in amongst everyone else’s tan skin! The bareMinerals Warmth is a ‘one size fits all‘ bronzer so it suits ANY skin tone. (hurrah! so you definitely will not pick up ‘the wrong colour’) I have had some bad experiences with bronzers in that they were too orange and just looked false on my skin. Instead of covering up your face, Mineral Warmth enriches your skin tone and gives you a healthy summer glow! You would not believe the tiny amount that you need, the tub I have at the moment is bound to last me for ages! On holiday I will apply a small amount of this all over my face and on my collarbones to give my skin a bit more colour. Surely it’s better to fake the bake rather than to errr.. bake, right? See an extended review of the warmth by clicking here.
Firstly, my camera has taken a veryyy good photo of this Laura Geller beauty, you can see the different tones in it perfectly. The Blush n’ Brighten combo is perfect to take away on holiday as it is a blusher and a highlighter in one! I am not a fan of a really pink blush, I would much rather have an apricot shade as I think it is much more natural looking. I like this blush as it has a number of tones within it, so it isn’t overpowering. I swipe this up my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose, on my forehead, my chin and on my collar bones. It gives me an instant holiday glow without looking too shimmery. 
And there you have it! My 4 holiday essentials to perfect glowing skin. Do you alter your makeup routine when you go on holiday?

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