5 mistakes I've made as a blogger

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Mistakes, we all make them and we can all grow from them. 

As a blogger and Youtuber you are in essence your own boss, so you have to make decisions of what’s right and what’s wrong. 
The great thing about mistakes is that they’re fixable and if they’re not you can learn from them and move on. 
I thought I’d compile a list of 5 mistakes I, myself have made whilst blogging and what I have learnt from them. 
1. Being a copy. 
In the early days it’s all too easy to idolise your favourite blogger and want to be just like them, but remember, you are your own person and not a copy, so don’t let your blog become one. Try to find inspiration from things you love and eventually you’ll have a eureka moment: mine came when I came up with the idea of my 100 Looks in 100 days posts. I’d never read anything else like it and it kept me actively engaged with my readers everyday. 
2. Comparing yourself to others. 
Just don’t even try. We all want to be at our best all of the time, but sometimes it’s just not possible. When you read other blogs try not to think “how can I make myself better than them” think “what can I do to make my blog better than it was last year.” As your blog grows you can only get better and more experienced, so comparing yourself to your blog last year will only show you how far you’ve come and how great you’re actually doing.
3. Feeling Pressured. 
Whether it be to write a post or to keep up with your vlog, don’t feel pressured to write content just because you feel like you have to. Your readers will only know the post is forced, it will become a filler post and it won’t have served any purpose in the end anyway. It’s a lose lose situation. 
4. Getting jealous. 
We are all human and yes we all get jealous, but try not to let it feed you. Yes she may have got the latest product, but think about the last experience you got from your blog and remember you got that experience and they probably didn’t. Also try to remember your reason for starting your blog, very few people will say it was for the amazing perks of freebies and experiences, I bet most will tell you it was for the love of writing and as a hobby to pass the time. Don’t get me wrong, the perks of being a blogger are amazing and most bloggers I know are extremely grateful, but don’t get hung up in the he got, she got mind set, as you’ll only be missing out on all the great opportunities right in front of you. 
5. Listening to too many rules. 
(A bit like this post here! I know I’m a hypocrite!) 
You started a blog so that YOU would have a voice right? So why do what someone else is telling you to do? If you want to write once a week, write once a week. If you want to take sponsored posts, take bloody sponsored posts! Do whatever you feel is right for your blog, after all it’s your baby, you’ve spent the hours on it and deep down you’ll always know what’s right.  
I hope you’ve enjoyed a bit more of a wordy post tonight, I know it’s a bit heavy for a Friday night, but I feel like as bloggers it helps to share our mistakes and experiences, so we can all grow and make the best of what we’ve got! 
Until Next Time
B x 

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