We’ve all been there; Hair all over the place, scrambling with heavy bags, checking off our mental to do list, whilst battling with hoards of fellow shoppers.

You feel hot and bothered and fed up and as you tot up your to do list, often paired with long working hours you feel your blood start to boil. The idea you had a few months ago of inviting great aunt Ermentrude as well as the other twelve guests for a full Cheistmas dinner doesn’t seem like such a great idea after all and now you’re in a serious flap. 
I often find myself stressed at this time of year and this year I’m tackling my first ever Christmas dinner, so I wanted to share some soothing tips on how to bring back some joy and laughter into your festivities! 
Step 1: Plan, Plan, Plan. 
Everyone has different ideas on how to plan ahead, whether you love to write a quick list, or you attack Christmas with the fire of an army major, a little bit of planning before the big day can go a long way. 
Step 2: Take some time for yourself. 
In the Christmas rush it’s all too easy to forget yourself. Take some time to have a nice relaxing bath, grab a glass of something tasty and have a little treat. 
Step 3: Remember what Christmas really means to you.
It’s all too easy to make a bigger deal of Christmas than is actually necessary and forget what Christmas actually means. For me Christmas is all about family and if you’re too stressed to enjoy the big day, you might miss those moments that make the day so special. 
Step 4. Remember nobody is perfect!!
So you burnt the roasties and the turkeys a tad dry. Kick back and relax and just have some fun!!! 
Step 5. Recharge your batteries. 
I’m not talking about running out and topping up your double AAs here, I’m talking about working some extra Zzzzzzz’s. Sometimes when you’re stressed it makes it super difficult to head off to the land of nod which is why Time 4 Sleep have created their new relaxation zone full of hints and tips to get you through the festive season.
You can head over to Time 4 Sleep by clicking here! On this website there are even more handy tips on how to de-stress and get a restful nights sleep. 
All this talk of sleep is making me feel rather tired! 
Until Next Time 
B x 
(Disclaimer: this is an Advertorial post, however all views and writing are my own.)  

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