Christmas is almost upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. Christmas time is my favourite and this year is my first year in my new home, with my own tree and my first ever Christmas dinner! Eek!! 

The other day I woke up with an urge to get crafty, having recently been talking about table centrepiece I decided why not try making my own? 

Scouring my crafty selection I realised I only had some PVA glue, some sellotape, some tinsel and some wrapping paper. Not the most exciting tools for the job. 
Having sat staring at the selection for a while, I decided it would be lovely to create some kind of floral wreath from paper and the tinsel. Here’s a quick photo guide on how to make this super easy centre piece to wow your christmas guests: 
First take your wrapping paper and cut 4 squares of equal sizes. Fold the pieces of paper as shown in the picture above. 
Cut a petal shape from the paper, a bit like when you used to cut snowflakes! 
Start to attach the petals by using tape on the smaller groups to create a flower shape. 
Overlay the petals on eachother until you have a beautiful flower shape. 
Start to layer the flowers around the wreath and secure underneath with tape. 
When all of this is complete your wreath should look something like this: 
Once your wreath is on the table you can jazz it up by using fairy lights! Id also suggest using fake candles, as fire and paper don’t often mix well, and over the fun of Christmas dinner you could head for disastor! 
I love my centrepiece and I can’t believe how easy it was to make! 
Send me pictures if you decide to give it a go, I’d love to see what you create! 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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