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Every year in January, we all give ourselves aims for the new year to help us grow and improve on ourselves or on our lives from the year before and whilst I think It’s great to give yourself goals to keep yourself on track, sometimes it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in what you didn’t like about that year and forget to be happy about what you did achieve, or what things you are grateful for. So I wanted to take 5 minutes of your time, instead of making false resolutions, to share with you five things that I am truly happy for. 

Getting tonsilitis! 
It sounds rather strange doesn’t it, being thankful for getting a virus. But what struck me the most this time when I had tonsilitis was how much I couldn’t do. I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t talk, one of the days I couldn’t really hear because of the silly ear infection that came with it. It made me realise that we all take things such as singing, talking, hearing and sleeping (mine having been broken in a week of coughing fits) for granted! So I am so thankful that I still have all of these capabilities, and even though it sucks at the time, I’d like to thank these little moments when you realise how truly lucky you are. 
I know that technology is meant to be the big bad wolf, we all forget eachother, we don’t talk in person, but how truly great is technology? At the end of last year my older sister made the big move to South Africa and technology has made is slightly less painless for all of the family involved. Yes it’s lovely to have the person physically there with you, but things like FaceTime and Skype mean that you can be in touch with a loved one in just a few minutes, having an insight into their day or sharing a silly face to make eachother laugh. I cherish these ten-fifteen minute conversations with my sister and I know the rest of my family do too. So I wanted to take this little moment to say Big up humans, we’re doing alright! 
The love that surrounds me
Whether this is from friends, family or my one and only. I know there is always someone I can count on to have me in stitches, that will wipe away my tears and will lend an ear in my times of happiness and in sadness. As I’ve grown older ive come to realise it’s all about quality and not quantity and I think I’ve found some people who are real keepers. 
A few years ago I couldn’t go a few weeks without collapsing and whilst it might sound strange being thankful for a diagnosis of an illness, having an answer is the best thing that anyone could hope for. Whilst there are still a few complications, I am grateful for the medication that means I can drive if I want to, that I can stand in a queue for longer, that I can dance and have fun with my friends. Being diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic syncope is sometimes scary, but having an answer and knowing it wasn’t all in my head, is more than good enough for me. 
A healthy parent

Not to get bleak, but not too long ago, we didn’t know if my mum would be left unable to talk, unable to walk, unable to move and it breaks my heart to say this, but if she would even be around. I am thankful for doctors, the NHS and researchers who came up with pioneering techniques that have supported and made my mum healthy, so that she can be a mum again and enjoy life without worry. She is the strongest, most genuine and kind person I know and I could not be more grateful that I get to have her as a mum. I’m so happy that she is still here and that my Amazing dad is by her side every step of the way. 
Sometimes it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the way our lives should be, that we forget to wake up and view what our lives really are. There is terror and there is pain and there are awful things in this world, but even in some of the bleakest moments there may be a second of beauty that you can see, so take it, hold on to it and be ever thankful that it is yours. 
Until Next Time
B x 

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