Moving forward in 2015

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2014 was a strange year for me and my blog, whilst I gained a new following, built my youtube and came up with some innovative ideas, towards the end of the year I felt as though my passion had fallen flat. 
The problem with starting off the year on such a high with my 100 looks series, is that the pressure to continue to keep the standard that high got to me. I felt like I HAD to post every day to be a GOOD blogger, but it wasn’t the truth. 
The past few days I’ve felt a new  passion for my blog that I haven’t had for it in a few months, which I myself can see in a few rushed and lacklustre posts, mixed in with missing personal blog deadlines and almost giving up altogether. 
I have ideas milling around my head left, right and centre. I want to plan posts for months in advance and spend my days tucked away learning to use my camera to its full capabilities, to share the most beautiful images I can capture in my own world. I want to create and chase adventure, to write and to share exciting and innovative ideas. I want to blog again. I do.
The past few days I’ve fallen in love with my blog all over again with the idea of sharing my thoughts, my experiences, my fears and my goals with people who I’d like to consider as more than readers, but instead as friends. 
Stick with me, and I’ll stick with you.
Until Next Time 
B x 

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