For a while I’d been stuck in a perfume rut, always turning to my trusty Clarins favourite. I’ve never actually smelt a perfume and thought THAT is my scent and then I discovered Agent Provocateur Fatale. 
Perfume is so personal and the nature of it means that it smells different to everybody. 
When I recently got my hands on the Latest in Beauty: BB Dreambox 2 there was a little perfume sample inside and I was instantly in love. 
Now forgive me if I start sounding like one of those adverts where the guy and the girl are in some strange story, that never really makes sense, but perfumes are hard to describe and I want to convey just how amazing this perfume is. 
When you smell this perfume and close your eyes, you drift away. The smell is sensual and filled with dark glamour. 
My next favourite part of this perfume is the bottle, a pale champagne coloured perfume in a faceted glass bottle with sleek black writing, it looks gorgeous on my dressing table and I couldn’t have been more happy when I found it under my tree on Christmas Day. 
What’s your favourite perfume? 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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