As bloggers, we’re often guilty of saying products are amazing, sensational and that we haven’t stopped using them, but when it comes down to it, which products do we use every single day or at least for the majority of the week.

Whether you’re just feeling a bit nosey or looking for some new staple products, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of items I use about 6 days out of 7. Everyone has those days where we think it’s time to try something new, but these are my daily staples. 
Skin care: 
Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 cleanser. 
I got this cleanser in a recent beauty box purchase and I have actually used it none stop since I’ve had it. A little goes a long way and so this teeny tiny bottle is lasting me longer than I expected. It has a creamy texture and is fab for removing stubborn makeup. I have to admit when it comes to skincare, I am a nightmare and rarely stay with one brand, always keen to try the next thing that comes along, although my all time love is Clarins, I try to be sparing and use up samples daily so that my expensive buys last that little bit longer. 
Protect and perfect Intense Day Cream – If you got the No7 advent calender last year then I’m sure this is a staple in your makeup drawer too. I’m actually loving this and it’s matching eye cream so much that I might have to just invest in the full size. Again with this cream a little goes a long way, but it works perfectly on  moisturising my dry patches on my combination skin, without giving way to floods of oil. 
Nars Sheer glow – Mont Blanc.
Beauty bloggers everywhere, I thank you, for introducing me to the beauty that is Nars. Without your endless going on about it, I must admit I would never have taken a second look only to miss out on the foundation of my dreams (and I’m not even exaggerating.) Although it’s a little pricey at around £35 a pop, I must admit my first bottle lasted me 6 months even with every day wear, meaning it runs out just in time for my birthday and Christmas wish list every time. 
Nars loose powder – Snow £26.50 
Without discovering sheer glow, I wouldn’t have landed on to this next beauty. It sets my makeup, so it doesn’t look too matte and cakey, because the powder is so great, a little goes a long way with this product too and although it’s expensive, it’s the product that keeps on giving. 
Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream lip protectant. 
A super covenient way to apply my favourite lipbalm. I can stick it in my handbag and re apply all day long. It’s not at all sticky to wear like some thicker balms can be, so is a perfect base before you pucker up this Valentine’s Day. 
Essence Lipstick – 53 All about Cupcake 
I love this lipstick. I fell in love with this after I was sent it by essence to review. I use it every single day for work as it’s the perfect nude lip. 
What are your go to everyday products?
Until Next Time 
B x 

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