OOTD – Hobbs NW3

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Next month I get to go to London to pick up my Jewellery Education Diploma at Goldsmiths hall. I needed a nice dress for the occasion and so I knew it was best to head to my favourite go to shop for smart casual dresses, Hobbs. 

I’d already bought one dress and when I was just about to leave this beauty caught my eye in their Cheshire oaks outlet store. At only £49 I couldn’t walk away from it. I already own two hobbs dresses and so I couldn’t wait to add a few more to my collection. 
I love the fabric on their clothes and the craftsmanship of all their pieces. Whilst other dresses in my work wardrobe have fallen apart at the hem and picked at the seams, my beautiful Hobbs dresses have always stood the test of time. 
As a girl with a small waist and large bust I also always struggle to find dresses that fit in all the right places, this is where Hobbs gets another tick. 
Now onto the dress itself, with a beautiful swallow design and a deep blue, chambray style fabric and a lovely lining this dress is great for day to evening glamour. To dress it down I’ll pair it with tan sandals in the summer and for evenings I’ll keep it glam it up with these M&S heels. 
All I can say is that this dress has me jumping for joy… 

Whilst the dress is not available online anymore, you may find it in their outlet stores or there is a very similar dress which you can find here.

Until Next Time 
B x 

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