My Top 5 Pink Lipsticks

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Last week I talked you through my favourite red lipsticks and so I thought it only right that we carry on my top 5 beauty series with my favourite pink lipsticks
In my everyday makeup I very rarely where bright and bold colours as the up keep on a red lip can be tiresome. This is where a beautiful pink can come in. 
No7 High shine lip crayon – Delicate pink
This little gem was part of my No7 advent calendar at work and it’s becoming a fave. More of a crayon than a traditional lipstick, it’s high shine, softening finish is the perfect final touch for day to day makeup. The full high shine range is available for £9 at boots. 
Essence Long Lasting lipstick* – 12 Blush my lips. 
Please don’t be swayed by the fact I was sent this lipstick by Essence. Ever since the first time I worked with them, I fell in love with their lipsticks. The textures, the value for money and appearance were all huge bonus’ for me and that’s why I’ve included not one, but two of their lipsticks in this post. Blush my lips is not for the faint hearted, a long lasting bright pop of colour makes this a lipstick for the girl that wants to get noticed. You can buy Essence lipsticks for £2.30 from Wilkinsons and you can’t say fairer than that! 
Lola intense colour lipstick – strawberry fields 
Who knew you could find such a summer inspired lipstick at M&S? This little dusky pink beauty offers the perfect mix of colour, shine and moisture and it’s not too badly priced at £12. 
Essence Lipstick – All about cupcake 
I feel like this shade was made for bloggers and girly girls a like. If the name of the shade isn’t enough to draw you in, let me tell you this is my third re purchase of this, so I can have one in my handbag, on my dressing table and in my locker at work. Its such a gorgeous powdery pink neautral shade that’s easily wearable. Available from wilkinsons stores for £2. 
Max Factor Colour Elixir – Vibrant pink
This is my go to lipstick for those days when I’m feeling a little bit peaky and pale. The strong pop of colour warms up my skin and makes me look more alive. It offers defined colour in one perfect sweep and has definitely earned its place in my top 5. 

From Left to right: Blush my lips, Strawberry fields, All about cupcake, Delicate Pink, Vibrant Pink. 

Which pink should I add to my list next? 

Until Next Time 
B x 

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