How great is blogging?

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Next month will be my blogs second birthday and yesterday it got me thinking about just how great the world of blogging truly is. When you take a second to really think about it and push the negativity aside, it really is amazing, so here are a few things that I think make blogging great! 

How great is it that thousands, upon thousands of people of all ages are finding a voice within the written word? In a generation of shorthand, people are finding a way to tell a story; To stand up for what they believe in, to write about their latest discoveries, desires and needs. 
How great is it that the blogging world seems to know no bounds? Just when you think it might be dying out, a famous blogger does something amazing and paves the way for many others of us dreaming along the way.
How great is it that people can blog for money? I personally have never seen this as selling out, I wish luck to each and every individual who has slogged away for hours and hours, those who stayed up through the night making sure they have the best content available for their thousands of readers. Those fearless men and woman who have gone against the grain and jacked in their day jobs so that they can follow their passion. 
How great is it that no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a smart device and an Internet connection, you can talk to people all over the world? I myself am from a small town in Shropshire and never dreamed that there would be thousands of people reading my words each month and watching my little videos I recorded in my little bedroom. 
And most of all, how great is it that blogging creates a community of love, hope, discovery and friendship? The amount of friendships I see blossoming every day on Twitter, through blogs and through YouTube always leaves me with a glow inside. Those people that feel like they are alone, can now always feel that there is someone just a few clicks away, who’s got their back. I know myself that the community has helped me grow in confidence, kindness and in finding myself and I couldn’t be more grateful to those I have ‘met’ along the way. 
What do you think is so great about blogging? 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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