It’s only a few more months until summer and that means we’re only a few more months until the summer clothes make their way out of the wardrobe. I’ve made a pact with myself that this summer and the lead up to it will be healthier than they have before.

With a healthier lifestyle on my mind, when MyProtein contacted me about their range of high protein snacks and shakes, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get myself into gear. 
The problem with protein powders and protein products is that it’s still widely recognised as a product for men, stereotypically those bulky, muscle builders you see in the gym, but that’s just not the case. 
Why is protein so important I hear you ask? 
It’s so important because your body uses it to repair and build tissues. Protein in your diet is also an important building block of bones, cartilage, skin and blood. 
When you’re trying to get fit and tone up, your muscles take the hit and so protein powders and snacks, help you to recover more efficiently. 
This week ive been taste testing (mmmm yummy!) a range of MyProtein shakes and snacks and I have to say they’re a lot nicer than I expected! 
My personal favourites were the White chocolate almond cookies and the White chocolate impact whey protein powder. I just really love white chocolate. 
I’ve also started cooking with Coconpure oil which is a 100% Virgin organic coconut oil. I’ve cooked with coconut oil before and so I was pleased to see this as part of my parcel. As a beauty blogger Id also be mad not to point out to you the amazing uses this actually has! It’s a super duper multi tasker in that you can use it all over your body to keep your skin and hair soft and sleek! 
You can find the full range of MyProtein at the 
Until Next Time
Happy Easter 
B x 

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