Little Ondine – Natural Beauty review

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Last week I had a little treat through the post, that has to be one of my most intriguing samples to date. 
What is Little Ondine I hear you ask? Well it’s a brand of nail varnish, but not just any nail varnish. This nail varnish is magic. 
But it looks just like any other nail varnish, I hear you cry?! Well that’s where you would be wrong. 
There are three things I hate about traditional nail polish. It smells dreadful, the damage it does to my nails and the clean up operation after I decide I am bored of the colour. 
For me Little Ondine gets rid of all of these hassles with its innovative natural formula. Composed of Natural resin, organic colourants and water, this smooth textured polish is a delight to use.
Best bits: 
– it looks great after one coat, but with two coats, it looks even better. 
One coat: 
Two coats: 

– it dries really quickly. Like really quickly! The only thing you have to be careful of is not to wet your hands for an hour and you’ll be safe and ready to go.

– it’s completely odour free. That horrible toxic smell you get from traditional polish, goes right out the window and I can assure you, it’s bliss being able to paint your nails without having to open every vent in sight.
– my favourite point of all, it peels off! You know all those times you were told off for peeling your painted nails, well this brand encourage it. Due to its formula you can peel this polish off in one go without the need for chemicals that are harsh on your nails, meaning you’ll be ready in a snap for the next colour. 
There aren’t many things I get through my mailbox that keep me wanting more and more, but this is one of them. I’m absolutely in awe of the idea and it’s become my new favourite nail polish. I can’t wait to treat myself next month to a few more colours! 
If you’re like me and can’t wait to get your hands on it, the lovely people at are offering you guys 10% off on their website, which are just a snip at £7.80. 
To take advantage of my exclusive reader discount, enter the code WHATSHEDID2 Until the 30th June. 
What do you guys think? 

Until Next Time 
B x 

(Disclaimer: The shade featured in this post is Ibiza and it was sent to me for the purpose of review) 

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