Foundation Spotlight // Clarins Everlasting foundation+

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Foundation, one of beauty’s most simultaneously loved and hated companions; It can cover a multitude of sins and be the base for the most amazing looks, but how do you pick the right one for you? Get it wrong and you risk the dreaded tide line, but get it right and you’ll be onto a true winner. With my often pale and tricky complexion I struggle to find foundations to suit. Over the years I’ve always turned to my favourite bloggers to come up with the goods and point me in the right direction. I thought as it was coming up to summer, a time when most of us refresh our makeup bags I would delve into my collection so you can see the pros and cons of all my trusty favourites. Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting one of my foundations into the spotlight and giving you all the deets. 
First up we have my newest purchase, Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ with SPF 15. Promising a flawless complexion for up to 18 hours, it’s fluid, ultra fine texture is something to truly fall in love with. Never have I loved a foundation so quickly as I have this one, hence my excitement to show you. 
Now onto the important bit, what does it actually look like, I hear you cry! Below you’ll see two photos, one of my face before and one after I applied the foundation. There has been no editing, no light enhancing, no nothing to the photos so you can see exactly what this foundation is like: 
I love that the foundation evens my skin tone and gives it a lovely glow, which is perfect for the summer. Although it’s a full coverage foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and with the added bonus of an SPF 15 it makes it perfect for those sunny summer days. 
I’ve been wearing this at work daily with no touch ups and finding it still looks pretty much the same, even after a full and busy day. Some days I’ve even foregone powder as I love the finish of the foundation. 
Now you know my thoughts on it, let’s get the low down: 
Price: £27 
My Shade: 105 Nude. Darker than I’d usually go for, but perfect for that post summer glow.
Best for: I have dry/normal skin and I’ve found this is perfect for me. 
Not great for: Having read a few reviews, most people are saying its not great for very dry skin, as my skin isn’t too dry I’ve been ok, but I can see how it might cake on dry patches. 
Applied with: I apply this with a buffing brush and gently blend as necessary with this and my fingers. 
Pros: Long wear, full coverage & light texture. 
Cons: Its not the cheapest of foundations, but I do truly believe it’s worth it’s price tag. I bought mine from boots, but you can find it elsewhere online slightly cheaper. 
Score: 9.5/10 
Stay tuned for next week when we put the spotlight on another foundation. 
Until Next Time 
B x 

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