Meow! If you follow my Twitter you’ll know I just got a little kitten, so what better way to honour her arrival than by doing a cat makeup look. 

You’ll have to forgive me for the photo on this one, the darker nights are drawing in and so are the out of focus photo sessions that come with still trying to figure your camera out. 
Luckily for me i’d snapped a quick selfie on my iPhone also, so that the you guys still get to see.
I’ve decided from now on all looks will be posted on my Instagram, rather than as blogs, as a challenge like this is mainly pictorial, so if you’d like to keep up make sure to follow me on Instagram @whatshedidx. 
I’ll make sure to do a weekly update on here for those of you that don’t have an Instagram so you guys can keep up to date too. 
Until Next Time 
B X 

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