Colouring books, those pages you used to fill as a child and tried desperately to keep within the lines, remember those? Well now you can get grown up colouring books and relive your childhood. 

If you haven’t heard of the colouring book phenomenon yet, where have you been? Pretty much everyone I made contact with over the festive season received one for Christmas, myself receiving not one, but three different types. 
Why a colouring book, I hear you cry? Well the thought behind them stems from the idea of colour therapy. Each particular colour has its own wavelength and is therefore believed to have its own energy. 
The energy of each of the colours relates to one of the seven main chakras within our bodies. It’s believed that by harnessing the energy in these colours, using colouring books can help to clear your mind, release your worries, feel energised and make you at one with your feelings. 

I’ve been using one of my colouring books most nights since Christmas now and I do have to admit it is so relaxing. I always put on some chilled music and colour away and find myself getting lost, it brings me such a nice feeling of calm. 

My favourite of the three books is called Sacred Nature which connects a word with each of the pictures you have to colour in. I like to connect the words to a colour scheme and see where it takes me. I plan to find quotes relating to each of the words and write them in when I have finished colouring and make it into a feel good vibes coffee table book to give me inspiration when I need it. 
Have you been caught by the colouring bug? 
Until Next Time 
B X 

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