Spa day – At home

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Now that all of the festive cheer has come to a close, I’m dying for a bit of relaxation. With funds being tight there’s no way I can afford to pay for the luxury of a spa day and so I’m going for the cheaper, PJ friendly version at home. Here’s my top tips for creating the feeling of the spa at home without spending the big bucks! 

Dress for the occasion 
I recently purchased a new dressing gown that was in the sale at boots, a luxurious, soft, champneys spa one to be exact. An absolute bargain at just £12.50 and if I close my eyes tight and let myself drift away I could be in a real spa environment. I also have a pair of slippers my sister bought me for Christmas last year that are just like the ones they give you at check in. I usually throw on some shorts and t shirt pyjamas, whack on my slippers, robe and I’m ready for some serious chill. 
Set the scene
Now that you’re dressed for the occasion it’s time to set the scene. Find some spa music on YouTube and find yourself some beautiful scented candles to lift your spirits and awaken your senses. 
I always think preparation is key in these situations so you can fully relax and not feel like you’re still having to run around. Buy any goodies you need prior to your spa day and if you’re creating home made treats prepare them first thing before you plan your treatments and then when the time comes you can truly sit back and relax.
Make a spa lunch
I always feel like part of the spa experience is the delicious and healthy food they serve on the day. Treat yourself to something extra tasty and opt for a healthier option. Snack on fruit, water and a variety of natural teas to keep yourself hydrated. 
Shake it off 
Start your day with a workout and get yourself pumped so you can really enjoy your time relaxing later on. If you don’t like big workouts, search YouTube for some handy, short yoga workouts to get you gently into the swing of things. 
Work from head to toe
Start at your head and work your way down. If you have a bath go for a relaxing soak and use some of your new Christmas treats to get you super chilled. 
Mix up your own face mask at home from bits your have around the house or buy one from your favourite beauty shop. 
Treat your hands and feet to a manicure and pedicure and be adventurous with a little bit of nail art if you’re feeling it. 
If you you decide to treat yourself at home, enjoy yourself, relax and send me a cheeky facemask selfie! 
Until Next Time 
B X 

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