Things 2015 taught me.

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Another year is here, can you believe it, so I thought the only relevant way to start with a new blog post in 2016 was to take a look back at what I have learnt in the last year. I love that with a new year, comes a new start, but I feel it’s important to take stock of the year that has just passed and think about where you have grown and what you have learnt that makes you a better and more rounded person. 2015 was an unusual year for a me, something that started so exciting and positively, a middle that left me lost and confused and finally drawing to close  with a sense of peace, these are the things I learnt in 2015. 

Good things don’t come to those who wait. In fact, good things pass those people by. Good things come to people who take chances, make changes, set goals, work their asses off and have the drive to dream big. I spent most of 2015 moaning that nothing exciting was coming my way and comparing myself to other people, when in reality I only had myself to blame. If you want something to happen, make it happen, because deep down only you can! 
It’s ok to be your own champion. 

We live in a world where it’s frowned upon to shout your strengths loud and proud, but in here to tell you it’s ok to do it. This year I’ve started telling people about my blog because I’m proud of it. Why shouldn’t I be proud of something I put so many hours into, of my own free will, for the enjoyment of others? I now openly talk about it with new people and most of them find it pretty cool which I feel is a step in the right direction. 
Toxic people will always be toxic. 
Those people that take and take and take and take? Well you don’t need those. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t have the same level of care and time that you offer to them, be strong, cut yourself free and you’ll soon feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. 
It’s ok to be alone. 

This year my 4 year relationship ended, something I forced myself to get over very quickly. I’ve since learnt I don’t NEED someone to be ok and that sometimes more recently, I actually quite enjoy my own company. There are countless things that are maybe even better on your own, be selfish, take some real me time! I promise, you’ll probably quite like it. 
It’s also ok to not be ok. 

These days we’re bombarded with images of strong independent women everywhere we look and whilst these girls are kick ass and I admire them greatly, it’s also important to realise we don’t need to be “on point” all of the time. Behind our picture perfect lives that we try to portray on social media is real life and it really is ok, to not be ok because sometimes, and forgive me for my language here, life is just shit. So cry those tears over the boy that was a jerk, scream into a pillow in anger that the plan didn’t come off how you wanted it and allow yourself time to grieve the things you’ve lost that might have been.
Health is a key to happiness. 

If you read my blog you’ll know I suffer from an invisible chronic illness called Neurocardiogenic Syncope. This year I’ve started to make peace with the fact that I have to listen to my body and know my limitations. For too long I let guilt get the better of me and peoples cruel and selfish remarks get me down until someone wise told me, they just don’t know or understand. This year I’ve learnt that health is so important and that if you are fighting a health battle of any kind, it is important not to compare yourself, because how can you? We are all unique and fighting our own battles and must not belittle of chastise ourselves aswell as others, but move forward and stay bright in anyway we can. 
2016 is a clean slate. 

I hate it when people mock the new year, new me mantra, because personally I think there is something overwhelmingly exciting about the idea of a completely fresh start. When we ring in a new year we are being given a chance to start a new and there is nothing better than that. 
I can’t wait to see what this year has in store to keep me on my toes. I hope to spend more time on my blog & keeping up with my readers and being more active on YouTube. I hope whatever it brings you’ll stay with me, my lovely, loyal readers. Thank you for all that you do, here’s to 2016. 
Until Next Time 
B X 

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