Girl Meets Brush is the latest Kickstarter campaign from Celebrity Makeup Artist Lynne Milles. Founded in 2015, the idea behind Girl Meets Brush is to merge an expert with a range of expert brushes.

Have you ever bought a new set of brushes and found yourself floundering around trying to work out what does which thing? If you have, then this might just be the concept for you. 
Pairing the idea of a range of 12 essential makeup brushes with the skills and a tutorial from a professional team of makeup artists, the concept is great and had me wondering why no one has ever thought of it before? 
My first thought on the brushes when they arrived was that I absolutely loved the sleek dusky grey colour and the selection of the ombre tips. Next when I started to feel the brushes, I could not get over how soft they were! Each brush is hand crafted to a high standard, with super soft luxe fibres to pick up pigment and blend beautifully. All of the brushes are vegan & cruelty free! 
Girl Meets Brush Makeup
The brushes start at £5.95 individually or you can buy them in a starter sets from £44.99. If you really want the full treatment, there are a few one to one tutorial & brush combos starting at just £59.99. 
If you like the sound of all of this you can support their Kickstarter campaign which ends on 11th March and get early bird savings of up to 50% off. 
As you can see above I got a good selection to get me started, but I can’t wait to get my hands on a few more to make a full set whilst their Kickstarter campaign is in full flow. 
You can find the full details and follow their Kickstarter campaign by following @girlmeetsbrush on Twitter or going to their website at 
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