This month marks 3 years of me starting my little blog. When I first started out, I planned to write about venues around where I lived and have a lifestyle blog that revolved around that, as the years have gone on What She Did has evolved into more than that. Now I mostly focus on beauty and fashion. As someone who sometimes flits from project to project, I never could have imagined I’d still be here three years later still writing for you, and whilst I may not have hundreds of thousands of readers, followers or subscribers, this is my little edge of the Internet, my peace away, my hobby and my home. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for the three years you have stuck around, whether you read my blog, watch my videos or follow my goings on via social media, I’m thankful to everyone of you! As I head into my 3rd year I hope there will be much more excitement to come, because for me I feel as though my little love affair has only just started. With my passion for writing, beauty and fashion still growing everyday I can’t wait to see where the world of blogging is heading next. 

Last week my sister got married in the most beautiful venue in Scotland, the grounds were covered in beautiful flowers as far as the eye could see and so I did what any good blogger would do and took the opportunity to take some photos. I hope you enjoy them! 
To the next 3 years & counting
Until Next Time 
B x 

Play suit: Primark £13 

Shoes: Marks & Spencer Last season 

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