It’s here, it’s tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that you are marrying the love of your life and I couldn’t be happier. 

I wrote you a card, but you know me well enough by now to know that my best writing and story telling comes to me digitally, so here it goes! 
From the moment you introduced me to Kenny in a crowded bar in London I could tell from the way you looked at eachother that it was something special. I couldn’t understand half of the words he said, due to his Scottish accent, but he was friendly and he made you smile. It was still early days, but you were so together. 
Fast forward a few years and you both embark on the journey of a lifetime to South Africa. I didn’t worry about you going, because I knew that you would be looked after no matter the situation and that your ability to get stuck in to a situation wouldn’t fail you. 
A few months into your trip, Kenny confided in me that he was looking for a ring and needed some inside knowledge, un-beknown to everyone else, I happily obliged. We spent months going back and forth and back and forth until he’d found you the perfect ring! Keeping the secret from everyone was the hardest as you know when somethings exciting I sometimes struggle to lie. I literally spent months waiting for “THE PHONECALL” to share what I knew would be one of your happiest life moments. 

Once the proposal happened you were in full on planning mode and getting everything in order. You kindly asked me to be your chief bridesmaid, making good on the promise we’d always made together many many years ago. 
Tomorrow I’ll be with you on one of the biggest days of your life and as a little sister who looks up to her big strong sister I couldn’t feel prouder and I can’t thank you enough! 
You have managed to be there when I’ve needed you, even when thousands of miles away and deep in your own adventures. Sharing tears over McDonald’s cheeseburgers and laughter over our annoying traditions (birthday cake anyone?) you never ever fail to be the best sister anyone could wish for. 
I love you always, now let’s get this shit done! 

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