Looking for a route to beautiful skin? This week I treated myself to the new L’oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask after succumbing to the numerous adverts I’d seen everywhere as of late! (I know, I know, I am a marketers dream.) 
With all of my recent makeup looks, the condition of my skin has taken a nose dive and so I’ve decided it’s in need of some TLC. 
With three different options to choose from, whatever your skin complaint, L’oreals new range has something for you. From a Purity Mask to deeply purify and mattify, a Glow Mask to brighten and exfoliate and the Detox Mask to cleanse and clarify, L’oreal have every dilemma covered. 
I opted for the Pure Clay Detox Mask which features a powerful blend of three clays and charcoal. 
The breakdown: 
– Koalin is a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum.
– Montmorillonite is rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping people eliminate imperfections. 
– Ghassoul is a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned for helping clarify the complexion. 
What the mask promises: 
Immediately: Skin is purer and clearer 
Use for one week: Skin feels fresher and more luminous 
Long term use: Skin can breathe and is visibly transformed
My verdict: 
I’ve only used the mask a few times so far, but I do have to say I was immediately impressed. The smell of the mask is beautiful, it reminds me of a day in the spa and so it left me feeling instantly relaxed. I popped it on for a bath and cleaned it off after the ten minutes required. When I washed it off my skin felt noticeably softer, smoother and looked like it had a beautiful glow. 
A few days on since using the mask my skin is still super soft and I can’t wait for the next one. I’ll try to keep this post updated with how I’m getting on with the mask over time! 
Until Next Time 
B X 

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