The makeup brushes you need in your life

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My collection of makeup brushes is getting slightly out of hand, I think I’m currently hitting 60 and there’s no stopping me now. I first came across the brand Girl Meets Brush when my sister introduced me to them through her wedding makeup artist Lynne Mills. After me and Lynne got talking she kindly offered to send me one of their starter collections to review, over the next few months I used the brushes none stop for every makeup look under the sun and me and Lynne emailed back and forth about our love of makeup and me mostly talking about the love of her brushes. 

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll have seen my previous post with a review of the brushes. Since then Lynne has kindly sent me the full 12 piece kit, makeup bag and beauty blender to give them a whirl and they haven’t left my side since.
The kit has every type of brush a makeup artist or makeup lover could need and so I’m here to give you a break down of the most perfect brushes I’ve ever used to date. 
The Foundation Brush has flat & dense hairs, but a soft finish which allows a smooth application to the foundation.

The Concealer Brush has a small graduation tip to allow more precision when covering blemishes & applying product. 

The Blending/Contour Brush has an angled shaped head, the fibres are dense but have soft bristles, it is used to buff & blend products together, great for blending blusher, bronzer & highlighter.

The Contour & Blusher Brush is made of soft but dense fibres that are rounded & tapered at the end, so it can apply & blend product to the shape of your cheekbones.  The Powder Brush is soft & most dense texture wise, which allows it to pick up & evenly distribute loose or pressed powder to the face in order to set make-up. The EyeShadow Shader Brush is soft & flat with fine fibres to shade the eyelid with your base colour, it is round & tapered so it can build intense colour or really pack on pigment to the eyelid.The Eyeshadow Blending Brush is a pointed but soft bristled brush which will soften & blend out the eyeshadow in the socket line & out to the outer edges of the eye. The Highlighter Blending Brush a softly packed bristled brush, which is slightly angled to blend highlighter under the brow bone. The Pencil Brush has close compacted but soft fibres to allow precision when applying eyeshadow to the socket line & the outer edges of the eye.    The Angled Eyeliner Brush has an angled sharp edge with soft fibres, which allows a perfect line. The brush is ideal for using gel/cream liner or eyeshadow to create the desired look at the lash lines.The Eyeliner Brush has a very fine tipped point that gives precision for applying liquid, gel or cream eyeliner to the top lash line.The Lip Brush has a flat but tipped edge to give excellent control along the lip line when applying lipstick.

For the face: 
Top pick – The stand out brush here is definitely the blending/contour brush. It makes chiselling those cheekbones an absolute breeze. 
Time to blend:
Top pick –  The eyeshadow shader brush is my top brush of 2016. Big claim I know, but if you can only afford to buy one of these brushes, please make it this one! It makes eyeshadow blending an absolute breeze and will have you feeling like a pro in no time. 
The finer details: 
Top Pick – The liner brush is by far the easiest detail brush I have ever used. It’s making my eyeliner wings an absolute doddle and I imagine it will be a dream for those who love intricate details like lip art. 

Discover the full range online at 

Girl Meets Brush have very kindly offered my readers an exclusive 50% off with the code GMB50 until the end of summer, so now is the perfect time  to up your makeup game and get your hands on a kit. 
Until Next Time
B x 

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