Dedicated to bringing fashionable Lingerie and swimwear that fits beautifully and looks as good as it feels, Freya Lingerie offers a range of beautiful styles up to a K cup. 

Whilst recently attending the clothes show, I was lucky enough to have access to the bloggers lounge, where the lovely ladies from Freya were on hand to talk me through the new collections and offer a free fitting.
It’s thought that around 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra and so after a fitting I guess it should’ve been no surprise that I was wearing the wrong size! It’s one of those things us ladies often forget about through being busy and not really wanting to hang around with half your body out whilst a stranger sizes you up, but like many of the things us ladies have to do, its so important! So go and get yourself supported in all the right places.
As I have a larger cup size and a small back, bra shopping is my worst nightmare. I can never find modern, pretty styles in my size and its my most hated kind of shopping. When looking through the Freya collections I couldn’t believe how nice and colourful they were, not a nude or black bra in sight.

I cant wait to look at their new collections more next year and maybe even treat myself to a new bikini, in the perfect fit, something I haven’t had the pleasure of owning in a long time!

Freya were kind enough to gift me with this beautiful chemise from their Freya fancies collection; the perfect summer nightwear. To discover the world of Freya, you can head to their website or pop into your local stockist and have a bra fitting.

Until Next Time

B x

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