Bloggers to watch in 2017

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With every year the blogging game gets harder, slightly more saturated, better and bigger than ever before. So what does it take to stand out from the crowd? I’ve put together a list of my bloggers & vloggers to watch in 2017.

Girl Boss

Already the queen of uniting bloggers through the blogging gals network, Zaineb of Zeena Xena offers a look into her stylish wardrobe. As well as looking on point in every single photo, she also offers great advice on navigating collaborations with brands and offers an incredibly positive outlook on everything she does. One to watch for fashion, I see big things for Zeineb and blogging gals in 2017.

The Dating Guru Every Girl Needs 

It’s been a great year for Vix Meldrew, scooping an award at the Bloggers Blog Awards and featuring in Blogosphere magazine to name but a few of the achievements of her year. Vix steps the line between that honest mate that will tell you your bum looks big and being overly honest about that guy that isn’t calling you back. She gives the 101 on every single gals needs and manages to keep a refreshing and funny look at modern dating. Join her for Vix Swipes, where she live tweets her Tinder finds and matches for a mid week giggle.

The Vloggers Vlogger

The girl next door meets bubbly and relatable in Brogan. Already achieving great things in 2016, like scooping up a Cosmopolitan Influencer Award, I can see Brogan going even further in 2017. With a vivacious and infectious personality, it’s easy to see why people take to Brogans can do positive attitude and I think 2017 will only see her following and achievements grow.

Fashion Favourite 

With multiple big fashion brand collaborations under her belt, 2016 was an amazing year for Amy over at Salt and Chic. Not only did she win an award, but this down to earth and quite frankly wonderful girl is my fashion blogger to watch for 2017. With a quirky edge and major style credentials she’s definitely one to follow.

The Girl Next Door 

What is not to love about Megan from Thumbelina Lillie. Probably one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Megan’s blog grows from strength to strength every year. You might have even seen her beaut face gracing some makeup stands in Boots this year and I can only see things getting even bigger in 2017.

Who’s your blogger to watch in 2017?

Until Next Time

B x

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