How I organise my time whilst blogging

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If I can only take one thing from blogging, it would be my new sense of organisation. With daylight hours being short, few and far between in the winter you have to schedule in the best times to take photos, plan your posts, answer emails all in between nipping to events, scouting the web for the next new best thing and doing beauty looks in between. Here’s a few tips on how I keep my blog organised, even when I’m at my busiest.

Notes –

My biggest life saver is my notes section on my phone. I use this to plan my blogs, draft my blogs and keep track of any ideas I might have. It means I can do it easily from the comfort of my sofa in front of the tele or I can take it with me on the move. I just copy and paste my latest post straight from my notes into blogger, then when I have a spare five minutes head over to blogger on my laptop and add in the photos and links and get that baby scheduled.

Apps –

I’m going to try and do a what’s on my phone post next month, but some of the apps that make my life a whole lot easier whilst blogging on the move are: VSCO, Blogger and imovie all alongside the more obvious Twitter and instagram apps. The more you can do on the move, the more organised you can be when you’re short for time or stuck on a daily commute.

Make a back up plan –

If I’m planning a vlog, I try to always draft a blog on the same subject. We’ve all been there when the tech lets us down or something gets in the way of uploading our latest video. Obviously you can’t do this for vlogs and the blog doesn’t even have to be about the same topic, but if you have brand deadlines to keep, or you made a promise somewhere along the line, having an emergency post or two will always work in your favour when “disaster” strikes.

Plan, plan, plan

If you’re not a planner and you prefer to wing it, then don’t worry, just do whatever works for you. I prefer to have my content planned one month in advance and leave one gap per week incase of any new launches, events or any last minute additions that can be squeezed in at a moments notice. This means I can keep track of what I have coming up and I can let brands know of campaigns that might be relevant to them coming up. I usually set aside one hour a week to go over the plan and just check everything is in order and no releases are missing.


I have three files. One for press releases I’ve just received, one for press releases that are posted drafts and one for completed posts. This gives me an idea of how I’m doing with collaboration posts and helps me keep track of anything that’s not finished. It also means I can give PRs a heads up when a post is completed. I also keep a small list of parcels I’m expecting with the date of the email, there’s nothing worse than parcels arriving at your door and forgetting who you promised what to and having to scroll through your emails to check.

These tips are by no means gospel and everyone has their own ways of keeping on top of things, but I enjoy reading these sorts of posts and thought I’d pop in a few tips for anyone looking for new ideas.

What’s your best tips for staying organised?

Until Next Time

B x

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