Koko Couture Extensions

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Last week I saw some scissors and cut off all my hair to the shortest it’s been in ages and whilst there is something I love about having a sassy bob, sometimes only mermaid hair will do, so when the lovely people over at Koko Couture offered to send me some of their hair extensions to try, I couldn’t wait to find out what they would be like.

I opted for the Lena style in shade California blonde which turned out to be the perfect match for my hair.

Made from synthetic, heat resistant fibre the extensions actually look surprisingly natural. With a slight curl at the end the 22 inch style offer the mermaid hair of dreams and will leave you wanting to swish all day everyday.

If you have thick and short hair like me, I’d recommend buying two packs or you may have to use grips and clip hair to create the perfect style.

I was really pleased with how they looked and swiftly tried out two different styles.

Style 1 – Half up half down

A style I really love with hair extensions is the half up half down method. It leaves your hair looking really natural as you can pin any obvious short pieces back leaving your newly long flowing locks on display.

Style 2 – The pony

Who hasn’t wanted to rock a long lengthy pony tail? After popping your hair into a pony tail with a thin bobble, use your hair extensions in reverse and clip them into your pony. Take a pretty scrunching, or twirl the hair around the top section of the newly created pony to hide the bobby pins and there you have it, a super swishy stylish ponytail.

 What’s your favourite way to wear extensions?

Until Next Time

B x

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