When I chat to people about my blog, most are shocked to find out I don’t use a laptop. I occasionally dust off my horrendously slow, useless old laptop that is about to bite the dust at any moment, but for the majority of my blogging life, I actually do everything from my phone. It offers complete accessibility whilst on the move, means I can type any ideas really quickly, edit photos, keep track of figures, all in one place. So which apps keep me running and my blog slick whilst on the move? Here’s my rundown of my favourite apps that I couldn’t blog without.

Photo Editing


When it comes to editing photos, there are two apps that keep me going whilst on the move. I live by VSCO app. Whether your theme is bright and colourful or your keeping things bright and minimal, this app gives you the perfect recipe to creating themed photos just by adding a filter. You can also edit things like brightness, sharpness and temperature all from one app. Perfect for beautiful, Insta worthy pics at the few swipes of a button.

PS Express

Shot some images in the dark? Not mastered a lack of grain in your photos? The PS Express app has the answer. I quite often use the noise reduction tool to finish off my photos whilst still keeping them sharp and sleek.

Video Editing


If you couldn’t already tell I do all of my Vlogging and editing from my phone. When I don’t use my phone to film, I still use my phone to edit and so the iMovie app is a complete life saver. Whilst it doesn’t offer as many options as iMovie on a mac, it means I can still bring you videos without all the fancy tech. Win win.

Business Cards


If your blog is heavily photo based like mine, you might want to showcase your photography on your business cards. If you’re in the market for something quirky and eye catching then this app is for you. You can print mini polaroids straight from your dreamy insta feed or go for larger prints if you want to create original and quirky prints.



Only introduced to me recently by the babe that is Vix Meldrew this app has become a lifesaver. As someone who plans my Instagram often a month in advance I can plan my feed accordingly and track my progress with features such as most popular photo, graphs and most popular hashtags.

What are your favourite apps for blogging?

Until Next Time

B x

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