Blogging started for most with grainy and badly lit images, hauls posted on plastic bags from boots, videos filmed on phones and quick thoughts from our heads. Nowadays blogging is big news and with big news comes big money. As brands caught onto the wave that is the blogging superstars, content became cleaner, slicker and more perfected. Bloggers have started to compete with magazines in creating glossy beautiful editorial style posts and whilst there is no problem with that, for the last few months I’ve seen the rumblings of “what happened to the old style of blogging,” echoing through the community.

I myself can be the worst. At one stage I told myself that if a photo I took couldn’t be seen like an advert  in a magazine, I wasn’t posting it. Selfies can take hours and Facetune has become my best friend, no photo making it’s way anywhere without a little extra magic. I’m not proud of it, but I felt I needed it to fit in.

I became with fixated with my face, every little hair, every little spot, every mark that I felt was an imperfection became intensified next to these beautiful women on Instagram and my blogger feeds. Whole days of shooting were scrapped, outfit posts deleted, videos binned all because I didn’t feel like I fitted anymore, I still haven’t quite got round to feeling comfortable enough to film again.

As much as blogging has made me, there have been days where it has almost broke me, every imperfection magnified for the world to see. Every bag under the eye, every spot on my forehead, every dry skin patch intensified in my mind.

The problem is that when we all strive for perfection all of the time, it just isn’t real. Whilst I myself love to escape from the mundane vision of myself in my pjs in front of the sofa again by browsing the latest, perfectly curated images of my favourite blogger, it is not the reality for most of us and we need to take a step back and learn to differentiate that whilst their content is incredible, inspiration and aspirational, it does not make us any less perfect in who we are.

From today I pledge not to over edit myself and my life for the sake of blogging and take away my imperfections that make me who I am.

Until Next Time

B x

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