Why blogging is more than Freebies & Opportunities

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This summer marks the fourth year of What She Did and in all honesty it’s probably the longest I’ve stuck with anything. It brings me joy and happiness and right now I can’t imagine a world without my blog. I feel it has grown with me and as the years go on all those nights of rushing home to my dressing table, tablet and phone instead of heading to social occasions finally feel as though they are starting to pay off. This year I have been so lucky to work with some amazing brands that 22 year old me would only have dreamed of, but in amongst all the “freebies and experiences,” there are a few things that have really stuck with me through blogging.

Finding myself

I have lived my blog through love, adventures and all that comes between, but I have also blogged in heart break and my lowest ebbs. It has been the imaginary hand to hold me steady when times have been hard, keeping me strong and my head above water. It has been my biggest champion when I can’t shout out my talents for myself, it has made me take chances, that little old me never would have taken all those years ago, too meek and mild. Through blogging I have found myself, my voice and who I would like to be. I’ve found something that finally makes me go “I’m actually alright at that,” and may it continue for years to come.

The community

People may shout “what community,” but I myself have been very lucky to ride what I feel are the highs of the blogging community. I’ve had endless support and people pushing me forward and helping me to see my strengths when I may have failed to see them myself. Something I will forever be grateful for.

Friends, friends and more wonderful friends.

I was always a bit of a loner at school. I was bullied and never really felt like I fitted in. The internet gave me somewhere I could finally speak and be myself without anyone making fun of me. I have gained such a wonderful support system in the past 4 years and though in times I have drifted in and out of circles, I know there will always be those people I can count on in a time of need.


For years I felt as though I floated through life, not really knowing what I wanted. I feel my blog has given me a sense of purpose I never really had before. It’s the thing that drives me when I wake up in a morning and it’s the thing that’s buzzing through my mind at the end of a long day. It’s a love affair I can’t see losing anytime soon and I hope my passion for it just grows and grows with time.

My love of makeup

Believe it or not, before I started my blog, I didn’t really wear makeup. It was only with my love of YouTube and beauty bloggers that my passion started to grow. Through endless tutorials I finally found something to rid the stresses of the day and tap into my creative soul.

A sense of independence

A few years ago heading on a train, let alone a train to London terrified me. I hated the idea of having to do the journey alone and I’d put it off any way possible. Now I’m always hunting for the next opportunity to catch up with friends and hop on a train to the big smoke. I used to hate the tube, but now I find myself comfortably finding my way and planning my journeys without a second thought. Whilst I usually head to events with friends, the thought of popping along to one alone now doesn’t scare me.

Whilst none of us know how long blogging will last, I will always be thankful for the opportunities and the chances that it has provided me and the things I have gained and whilst the glitz and glamour of “freebies” and events may be enthralling, it’s the passion, love and the people I’ve met that will never really leave me.

Until Next Time

B x

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