Every now and again as a blogger, an item drops on your door mat and rocks your world. I hate to sound like one of those omg everything is amazing kind of people, but this product literally did blow my mind. 

With all the makeup I do, it’s easy to see why this amazing Magnitone Wipe Out Cloth won me over, but incase you don’t yet know about the hype, here’s the lowdown. 

This fancy microfibre cloth removes your makeup with just water. Yep your heard me right, that’s JUST water. I know, I didn’t believe it at first either. 
Unlike traditional cleansing wipes or face cloths, Wipe Out microfibres swell up when wet, grab onto makeup and hold them within so makeup is removed in one sweep without the need to scrub. 

But after a few weeks of trying this beauty out, it’s true love. It even removes tough makeup like face paint and waterproof mascara, without much hassle at all.

The perfect essential for all you festival go-ers, makeup lovers and lazy girls who love a good makeup wipe, this pack includes two microfibre cloths that can be thrown in with your washing at 30 degrees and last up to 1000 times. This little beauty seems like quite the bargain at £15 for two. 
This also offers the perfect option for those keen to cut their waste as personally I haven’t touched a makeup wipe since this little beaut came into my life. 
You can find the Magnitone Wipe Out here.
What product have you been loving recently? 
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B x 
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