Blogging from your Phone 

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My name is Bethany, I’m a blogger and I don’t own a laptop. I know, madness right? Well the more I tell people the more I see that glazed look of but how? Whilst I’ll admit my blog photos aren’t the most perfect and my videos aren’t the most magically edited 99.9% of my blog and videos are created, edited and posted from my phone. How you ask? Well it’s all with the help of these handy little apps I’m about to tell you all about. 

The bonus of having no laptop, is that I can constantly blog on the move. It means my content can be more instantaneous and also means I can do things whenever the moment takes me. My phone is also light and it means that my writing and video editing is more carefree and can take place anywhere from the bath (just don’t drop your phone in,) to the bus stop. So which apps do you need to get blog savvy on the move? Read on to see my faves… 
Staying Organised 

If you’re like me and love nothing more than being oh so organised, the notes function on an iPhone is great. You will always have it with you when you have that lightbulb moment and it’s easy to edit and add to on the move. Don’t over look this little tool that the iPhone has to offer, it can be a great way to keep on top of your latest posts and upcoming collaborations. 
Photo Editing  

Oh holy grail of all photo mobile apps. From planning my insta grid to adding the perfect filter, if you don’t know about VCSO then do you even use filters? All those perfectly curated insta feeds use them, to make their colour theme just “so.” I like to use VSCO for the finishing touches to my photos as well as seeing how my feed will pan out overall. 
PS Express 

My first port of call for editing pictures, this watered down, mobile version of photoshop is perfect for editing my pictures straight from my phone. Although it doesn’t offer all of the features of photoshop, it has just the right amount of features that I need to get picture perfect. 
Uploading Images/Video 
SD card reader for iPhone 

If you own nothing else as a blogger, purchase one of these bad boys off eBay. For about £2.50 this little gem will upload your pictures from your DSLR memory card, TO YOUR PHONE! Less faff and better quality photos directly from your mobile on the move. It also means you can import videos straight into imovie on your phone, so all those hours spent travelling to and from events can be used to edit vlog footage straight away.
Have fun with photos 
Pic Collage 

Looking to have fun with your images or need to create that all important start screen for your YouTube? Then Pic Collage is a great tool for just that. With fun text, stickers and a cutting tool to edit your images, it’s my go to anytime a picture needs something extra.
Video Editing 

The perfect way to edit my videos on the move, imovie on my phone means I can be leaving an event and editing a vlog on the journey home meaning my followers get to the action quicker. A little less intense than the mac version, imovie on the iPhone has all the basics a budding vlogger could need. Writing the blogs 
And after all of those, where would a blog be without well, a blog. The blogger app died a death a while ago after they decided to stop developing it, so when I realised I couldn’t use it anymore I started to hunt down a new app and boy did Blog Manager deliver. Not only is it super easy to use, but it means I can upload photos AND add links on the move. Something the blogger app always failed to provide. 
What are your tips for blogging and video editing on the move?
Until Next Time 
B x 

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