Things I learnt in my early 20s 

Ah life, what a wonderful and confusing place. Filled with love, heartbreak, joy, loss and all that comes in between. Heading into my latter 20s I feel like I know more about what I want from MY life and those I want in it. I feel a sense of self I never had in those early parts, the confusing “what the hell am I doing with my life years.” Whilst they sometimes rear their guiding head every now and again, I thought I’d put my thoughts to the web about some things I’ve come to learn in my early 20s…
Your early 20s are for living! 
Be a little reckless, make some silly mistakes, make amazing memories. There’s plenty of time for bills and adulting later. Once you get there, as exciting as the new toaster is, sometimes you’ll long for the adventure of an afternoon full of napping and days spent drinking in fields. 

Don’t blame yourself for things out of your control. 
You cannot control other people. They will make their own mistakes and things will sometimes work out in ways you don’t want them to. It’s ok, that’s life. 
Not everyone will like you.
I’m a people pleaser. I hate the thought of people not liking me and sometimes I do things at the detriment of myself to make others happy. Being caring and giving makes you a good person, but do not lose sight of the fact that just because one person doesn’t like you, you aren’t still fabulous. 
The only person you can truly trust is yourself
Go with your gut. Listen to your instincts. They will guide you, maybe sometimes wildly, but you know yourself better than anyone else. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t and whilst a few gems will always have your back, people will inevitably test your trust levels.

True friends are like gold dust. 
Those ones you could text at 2 in the morning when the big stuff goes down? Hold on to them, cherish them, treat them like the bloody queen and always have their back, cause you better be sure they will have yours. 
You will have disappointments, but they will teach you about yourself. 
The project that fell through? The boy that took you for a fool? They’re all massive learning curves. They will teach you how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and come back stronger than before. 
You won’t have time for everything, but you can sure as hell try. 
Want to be a ballet dancer one week and a makeup extraordinaire the next? Go for it. You have one life, you may as well live it doing all the things you want to do. 
You do not need to be busy all of the time to have a “life.” 
Whilst social media will have you believing the only way to live life is in the fast lane, it’s ok sometimes to slow the pace. Take a step back and enjoy some me time. You’ll be thankful for it later. 
Being alone is just as important as being with others. 
I used to hate being alone. Ordering food at a counter and things like taking trains by myself used to fill me with dread and here I am a few years later planning multiple trips up and down the country solo so I can do the things I love without a second thought in the world. 
It’s ok to feel proud and praise your own talent. 
I still struggle with this one, even now, but I’m starting to realise it’s ok to acknowledge you’re good at something, even champion yourself for a talent. I’ve often held myself back through fear of not being good enough, but as time goes on I’m starting to realise where my strengths lie. 
Most importantly, no one really knows what the F**k they’re doing. 
Yes even your totally gorgeous friend Suzy with the hot fiancé, perfect job and own house, still has moments where she wonders wtf she is doing and how she got there. We’re all winging it and the sooner you stop pressuring yourself to live a certain life and live on a certain timeline, the clearer everything will become. Until Next Time B x 


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  1. Sophie Rose says:

    I think I needed to read this. I'm 23 and currently saving for a house, paying bill etc and I feel bad when I want to do something or go somewhere but I shouldn't, I need to live a little before I get sucked in to the adult life!

    I've just found your blog from Megan Lillie sharing a photo on Twitter and I love it. 😁

    Sophie –

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