Ahhhhh Christmas, the time of love and cheer. With those around possibly spending their days with their significant other, here’s ten reasons why being single at Christmas is great! 

1. You don’t have to think of extra presents.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas gifting is my fave and although I love treating those I care about, the pressure of not having to think of one more present is a pure bonus. Especially in the early days of dating it brings me out in a cold sweat. Do you buy them a gift? Agree to go halves on a nice meal? Go all out and end up feeling embarrassed when they forget?
2. No extra family gatherings.

Maybe you clash with his Aunt June’s politics or maybe you just way to stay in your Pyjamas all day long? Either way, with no significant other, the only family gatherings you have to worry about are your own. So roll up that hand knitted Christmas jumper ala Bridget Jones and leave yourself free of those extra commitments this Christmas.
3. No Boring Christmas Parties

Your partners co worker Anthony that you think is a bit of a knob? Well lucky for you, if you’re single, he doesn’t exist! So go out and let your hair down with your true friends and your own work pals that you actually like, and save yourself from listening to tales of that one time Becky from accounts had it away with Frank in PR, when you don’t have a clue who either of them are.
4. More Christmas chocolate to yourself.

I don’t think I really need to explain this one, but is there anything more annoying than someone else’s hands dipping into your selection box for that bar you’d been saving for a special occasion? I think not!
5. You can binge watch whatever you want.

Want to watch Elf for five days consecutively? You’d better believe you can! Get your favourite festive box sets at the ready and relax without having to compromise.
6. Ultimate comfort.

If you want to wear your fluffy unicorn onsie for a week over christmas, you can and basically, nobody cares.
7. Cough cough, cancelling plans.

Without another person relying on you, it’s ok to cancel plans if you just want to hide away from the cold and stay indoors. It’s. just. so. cold!
8. Less likely to get the flu.

When you’re not constantly playing tonsil tennis, and there isn’t someone all up in your personal space, you’re less likely to catch the latest bug, lurgy, cold and flu! Win, win!
9. More money to spend in the sales.

See point one, then realise you’ll have more money to spend on that Christmas present for yourself that accidentally fell into your basket, or to catch some excellent bargains in the January sales.
10. You don’t have to fake a smile.

You don’t run the risk of being bought a last minute panic kettle, and so you don’t have to fake a smile. Instead wrap yourself up a present you know you’ll love and say good job for a year well done.
What things do you love about being single at Christmas?
Until Next Time
B x
*Most images from this post were taken from Pexels.com*