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Shaped Around You – A day in my life 

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Blogging is all about being smart with time. As a general rule, for a lot of us it’s a hobby aside from our usual full time job, so when it comes to skincare, we need something that seamlessly fits into our routine without a second thought, which is where Panasonics Shaped around you comes in. I thought I’d take you through a day in my life and talk you through the new Panasonic Beauty Devices I’m trialling to show you how easily they can fit into your day to day life. 


It’s my day off and so today I decide to treat myself to a lie in. 9am infact. I could’ve gone for longer, but the builders made sure of that one!

I have a quick scroll through my recent emails and fire a few back here and there. I scroll aimlessly through social media like the morning news to catch up on what’s been going down.


I decide it’s time to get cracking with my Christmas content, can you believe it’s now weeks away?! It’s at the same time every year and yet somehow it seems to creep up on me every time.

I shoot photos for an upcoming craft project I have, which I can’t wait to share with you guys in the run up to Christmas.


I head to my local swimming baths and spend an hour doing laps of the pool. This is my thinking time and a place to clear my mind for the week ahead!


After walking back from the pool, I go back to taking photos and finish off some upcoming blog posts for some features over Christmas.


As the evening draws in I decide to do my final Halloween Makeup look, and take photographs accordingly.


After a quick photoshoot it’s time to scrub all that face paint off. I hop into the shower and wash it off using a face wash, vowing to give my skin a treat when I get out.


Once I’m snug in my pyjamas I get cozy in my lounge and set up my Panasonic beauty tools. I treat my skin to the purifying mode of the 3-in-1 facial enhancer as recommended to me by Louise Thomas-Minns, a specialist in beautiful skin for over a decade. The gentle heat from the enhancer promises to open my pores and uses an alternating current to remove deep dirt from my pores.

I follow this with a 3 minute steam from the Panasonic Facial Steamer, to give my skin a deep cleanse after all this makeup!

Once finished I head back to my Facial enhancer to make use of its moisturising and cooling modes. This is where I feel the Facial enhancer comes into its own. My moisturiser has never left my skin feeling so soft. Due to the electro-osmotic flow products are said to deliver 40% more moisturising ingredients than used alone.

I finish my night of pampering with the cooling mode, which is the perfect treat for tired peepers and tightening pores.


After all this relaxation, it’s time to hit the hay. My skin feels super soft and I love how easily the Panasonic beauty collection fits into my everyday routine, without a second thought. The items are designed so beautifully, that they sit proudly on a side table in my lounge, for ease and convenience.

You can find the 3-in-1 Enhancer at Harvey Nichols £200 and the Facial Steamer is available at Panasonic online £129.99

Until Next Time

B x

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