As the year draws to a close, it’s difficult not to look back over the months that have passed; Be it with joy and jubilation or with hate and regret.

There’s something so satisfying about a new year, a fresh slate, a clear page and a new story to tell. This year January the 1st lands on a Monday, which is somehow incredibly perfect, don’t you think?
Before I get too stuck into all the excitement of 2018, I wanted to take some time to say goodbye to 2017, an ode to a year of self discovery if you will.

Don’t get too excited, I’m not about to share tales of endless adventures, of achievements and everything else in between, for from the outside, this year has been mostly ordinary.
The beginning of the year started drearily, as many of you will know, that at the latter part of last year, I was struggling with my place in this world. I was dusting myself off, a bit broken and bruised from the previous year and trying to build a determination that things must, and do get better.
I started with small goals, having been in a position where I had had to move back in with my parents at the age of 26, I was under no illusion that my first task should be to find a job and get my own place again.

By the end of January, I had secured a job, in a sector I loved. Another month passed and I had found a flat for me and Bailey to make our home.

Things were finally falling into place and I began to settle back in to a daily routine.
In March I began the year with a bang and collaborated with L’oreal, as part of a social campaign launching their newest lipsticks. The experience felt surreal. Little old me from a little country town, selected by a brand I’d saved to buy with my pocket money as a teenager, had asked me. ME?!
As this year went on, the pinch me moments kept coming, from THAT amazing sleepover in the pink house with L’oreal to afternoon tea with Ted Baker. Inbetween all of the excitement and the routine, I found I was rediscovering myself.

A cliche, I know, but until you truly feel utterly and hopelessly lost with who you are, it’s difficult to imagine the elation that comes with seeing small pieces of your life slot back together piece by piece until you feel whole again.

Last month, I sat for a moment in the quiet and cried. In fact I sobbed. Not with hurt or sorrow, but with joy. As my sister so perfectly summed up when I tweeted out asking people for their best moments this year, when she replied;
“My sister getting her sparkle back.”
And truly I feel as if I do have it back. I finally feel like my old positive self again.

To each and every reader, brand, friend and those who’ve been here from the start, I thank you for this year from the bottom of my heart, you are all incredible and have kept me going through the darkest of times and made sure I was here to come back stronger.

Until Next Time
I’ll see you in 2018.
B x