That it can strike anytime and if you’re without it, you can’t summon it when you want it on a whim. For those of us unlucky in love, it feels somewhat unfair, what with seeing all of our friends shacked up with Mister Right, picking houses, engagement rings and off for baby scans.
You see, the real trouble with love is, that as humans we have no control over it at all. It can happen in the blink of an eye at the local supermarket or it could be that it never quite happens for us because our “one true love” is hiding on a desert island.

It’s a funny thing love and I can say this because I have been loved and consequently burned by love in turn. You find a person and think yeh, they’re alright and as time goes on you build a life with each other and become a team.

The problem with humans is that it’s in our our nature to be inquisitive and always on the cusp of knowing what’s going to happen next.

Apps such as tinder have seen to that. Will this swipe be the one, or will he be the one night only?
With life moving at the swipe of a thumb is it any wonder that our generation are always looking for the next best thing and struggling to settle, maybe unlike our parents before us, who had no idea about Tom who lived 5 miles away whilst shacking up happily with a white picket fence and a guy named Tim.

After 2 years of dating, I’ve got dating fatigue. No longer can I be bothered with the small talk over drinks and coffee. I’m bored of 2 weeks of small talk via text message hoping that one of us can squeeze a date in our busy schedules. I miss the days of someone catching your eye across a darkened room and you trying to figure out if you have something on your face or if they just like the look of you.

At some point I feel like the dating game has got to tip back to how it “used to be” all awkward conversations and numbers exchanged, waiting for the will he won’t he text, but until then, I’m tired of waiting.

So for now, I’m getting my head out of the dating game and back into life.
And If you happen to be a nice guy with a beard, who likes cats, long walks, camping and drinks by the fire at the pub, I’ll be waiting at the bar.

Until Next Time

B x